The Charm of a Rural ‘I Do’: 10 Reasons to Choose a Countryside Wedding

June 5, 2023

Rustic charm, serene landscapes, and the allure of a simpler lifestyle – these are just some of the magnetic qualities drawing couples to exchange their vows in the tranquil setting of the countryside. If you’re still contemplating the perfect venue for your big day, here are ten compelling reasons why a countryside wedding could be an unforgettable choice.

Natural Beauty

The countryside offers a natural backdrop of stunning vistas, from rolling hills and lush forests to sparkling streams and wildflower meadows. This kind of setting provides a unique, tranquil ambiance and breathtaking photo opportunities.

Intimate and Personal

Countryside weddings tend to be smaller and more intimate, which allows you to spend quality time with your guests. They also lend themselves well to customization, giving you the freedom to plan a truly personal day that reflects your love story.


With many countryside venues, like farms or barns, you often have the advantage of lower costs compared to traditional city venues. The decoration costs can also be reduced as the natural setting needs less embellishment.

Spacious Venues

Countryside wedding venues often offer more space – both indoors and out. This extra room provides flexibility in terms of layout and activities, from lawn games during cocktail hour to spacious dance floors for your reception.

Accommodation Options

Many rural venues offer onsite accommodations, such as converted barns or farmhouses, for your guests. This can make logistics easier and turn your wedding into a weekend-long celebration.

Local Cuisine and Produce

ou can incorporate locally sourced food and drink into your wedding menu. This not only supports local businesses but also offers a unique culinary experience with fresh, seasonal produce.

Less Stress

The slower pace of country life can help reduce stress during the wedding planning process and on the big day itself. You’re also less likely to encounter traffic or noise issues.

Unique Activities

Countryside locations can offer unique recreational activities for you and your guests, such as horseback riding, hiking, or wine tasting, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your wedding celebration.

Star-Studded Nights

Far from the city lights, rural venues offer stunning views of the starry night sky – a romantic end to your special day.

Environmental Impact

Hosting a wedding in the countryside can be more environmentally friendly. With an emphasis on local suppliers and the ability to host ceremonies and receptions at the same location, the carbon footprint of your big day could be significantly reduced.

In conclusion, a countryside wedding offers an unforgettable blend of simplicity, personalization, and natural beauty. It’s a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, bringing your loved ones together in an intimate, serene setting that feels like home. And it’s an opportunity to create a day that’s as unique and extraordinary as your love story.