A dark forest, winding hills, and a vast valleys…

June 25, 2021

Today I want to write a few words about the atmosphere and mood of the wedding session.

Many people want their wedding session to look perfect, the photos are only posed, colorful and smiley faces.I have a slightly different approach. Of course, it should be remembered that we are photographing a wedding, not a funeral – but do all these artificial and sweet wedding sessions really reflect the mystical mood of the wedding? I sincerely doubt it.

I love dark and mysterious landscapes and spots.

I love dark forests, winding hills, sea beaches and vast valleys … such places allow you to create an amazing atmosphere of photos. And it should be – your wedding, your big day is special and deserves exceptional and unique cinematic-style photos. I have one piece of advice for future young couples – be open to unconventional places and non-obvious choices. After many years, you will not regret it, and the wedding session itself will also be a great adventure.