How to Pose for Wedding Photos Naturally

June 21, 2021

Some ideas and tips on how to get beautiful wedding photos without unnecessary stress.

Knowing how to pose and the photographer’s ability to give directions allows brides and grooms to look perfect, but here is one doubt. Doesn’t that add extra stress? Brides and grooms often have enough problems on their heads when planning their wedding, so why the extra stress of posing?

My answer is clear – say no to stress and enjoy your wedding day!

I will make your wedding photos beautiful and you will have fun:-)


Fear not and pose less

Here are some tips on how to pose for your wedding photos and have fun doing it:

Don’t think too hard about it, fear not and pose less;-) yes, pose less! all the beautiful moments can be captured in a natural journalistic way – for example during a walk right after the ceremony. Of course, there are some couples who like typical posed photos, then the frames can be prepared in advance, but certainly, during a pleasant walk, you can capture equally beautiful moments.

During the day forget about the photographer and ignore him.

I know from experience that many people tense up in the presence of the camera, and we want to avoid this. So try not to think about photography, enjoy the moments – do not focus on photography and photos only on yourself. If something goes wrong or something can be photographed in a better way, the photographer will tell you immediately. Trust your photographer and get directed – sometimes you may find a photographer’s idea of a photo as bad but don’t worry and listen to what the photographer says – he has a lot of experience and “can see more”.

He will not allow you to be photographed in a way that is unfavorable to you.

Remember that no one cares so much about good wedding photos as your photographer! Another tip – take the photo session not too seriously, more as an adventure – and have fun, after all, how many times have you been photographed by a professional photographer? Isn’t that an interesting experience?

Trust your photographer and get directed

Take a walk to a place you like and relax. I have photographed many weddings and I know what difference the place makes in the photos. If the bride and groom are in a place they like and where they feel good, they behave completely differently. They forget about all the stress associated with the wedding, they are natural and you can see it immediately in the pictures.

There is a reason my photos are 90 percent candid and honest.

Take a walk to a place you like and relax

Was it helpful and provided you with a little idea of what your stress-free wedding session could look like? Or maybe you need more information and can I advise you somehow? If so, just write to me, I will be happy to help you!