The Short Guide to Drone Wedding Photography for newlyweds-to-be

April 19, 2023

Elevate Your Wedding Memories with Drone Photography

Imagine a cinematic introduction to your wedding video, featuring a stunning bird’s-eye view of the venue, capturing every intricate detail of your special day. This awe-inspiring visual experience is the result of drone photography, a trend that has gained traction among couples seeking more dynamic and dramatic images to remember their wedding celebrations. As more photographers offer this service, or couples enlist dedicated drone specialists, it’s essential to understand a few key aspects before including drone photography in your wedding plans.

Confirm Venue Permissions

Drone usage falls under various rules and regulations, so it’s crucial to verify that your wedding venue permits the use of drones. For instance, if the venue is within five miles of an airport, drone flights might be restricted. Speak with the venue staff to ensure drone photography is allowed.

Minimize Disruptions

Although the idea of a drone capturing the most memorable moments of your wedding is appealing, be mindful of the noise they generate. Drones can create a loud buzzing sound, which can be disruptive during the ceremony or your first dance. To avoid drawing attention away from these precious moments, hire a drone photographer who knows how to operate discretely throughout the event.

Entrust a Professional

When seeking exceptional wedding photography and videography, it’s crucial to hire a skilled professional. This is especially true for drone photography, as certification and insurance are necessary to ensure quality and safety. Make sure your chosen photographer meets these requirements, entrust the professionals with your drone photos and enjoy your beautiful shots!

View some examples of drone use in wedding photos and videos by clicking on the photo