Expert Tips from a Wedding Photographer for a Stress-Free Getting Ready on Your Big Day.

March 21, 2023

The morning of a wedding day is often filled with a mix of excitement, emotion, and anticipation. To guarantee a smooth and stress-free start to your special day, follow these few valuable tips. Some tips from a wedding photographer’s perspective!

Maintain tidiness.

A spacious wedding preparation room can become cluttered rapidly.

Initially, the room may seem quite empty, but once bridesmaids, family, and vendors arrive, it fills up quickly. Clutter can lead to misplaced items and chaos, and a messy room is not ideal for photographs.

Make an effort to store as many items as possible in labeled bags within a designated area.

Consider purchasing personalized hangers for bridesmaids’ dresses or using charming brown paper labels, allowing bridesmaids to easily locate their dresses.

Avoid Make-Up mistakes.

Be cautious with SPF if you’re doing your own makeup.

Many foundations contain SPF for daily wear, which reflects and blocks light to protect your skin from sun damage. However, this can work against you on your wedding day.

In flash photography, SPF reflects more light than other areas of your body, especially your neck and shoulders if they are exposed. This can result in photos where your face appears unnaturally white and mismatched with the rest of your body.

Ensure that your makeup is completed earlier than that of some of your bridesmaids. This approach helps you avoid situations where most preparation photos feature you without makeup.

Hang up your dress and lay out all your shoes.

(remember to remove any stickers on the base), accessories, lingerie, and garter, making sure to cut off any labels from your new items. You can do the same for your bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories. This allows the photographer to capture essential detail shots without disturbing you and ensures everything is ready for you to put on once your hair and makeup are done.

Consider Attire for Bridal Preparation.

Planning what to wear goes beyond choosing your beautiful wedding dress. Think about the attire for everyone during bridal preparations.

Many wedding parties have mistakenly worn their favorite funny pyjamas, only to realize later that these beloved PJs will be immortalized in the wedding gallery.

Ensure that you and your bridesmaids wear something you’re comfortable being photographed in. The more at ease everyone is, the more relaxed and enjoyable the experience will be.

It doesn’t have to be a silk gown, although they do look stunning. You could opt for a set of elegant yet simple white pyjamas as a special treat for yourself.

Ensure good lighting.

You likely have several friends in your girl gang, and naturally, you’ll want to get ready together.

While planning the preparation location, it’s crucial to choose a place with ample space near windows or natural light sources, or one that provides makeup stations.

The makeup artist will likely occupy the largest window, so ensuring that there’s enough remaining natural light will prevent your lovely crew from competing for light if they’re doing their own makeup. Taking care of good lighting will also help the photographer capture your preparations

Steer Clear of Wet Flowers.

Your flowers may arrive looking stunning in a vase in the corner of the room but aim to remove them from the water at least half an hour before you plan to hold them.

Stems can retain a significant amount of water, and if they’re waterlogged, you might end up with water stains on your dress.

Plan your time accordingly.

Avoid putting on your wedding dress at the last minute. Schedule your time so that you’re ready approximately 40 minutes before the ceremony. This allows your photographer to capture group photos with your bridesmaids and family. Keep in mind that both the photographer and videographer should arrive at the ceremony site around 20 minutes beforehand to set up properly.

Eating well.

Don’t forget to focus on eating right and staying hydrated, as getting ready can take quite a few hours. Try to avoid heavy meals and go for some light snacks you love, like crackers, sandwiches, or fruits. This way, you’ll keep your energy levels up throughout the day!