Destination Weddings – Elopement in Lisbon

April 5, 2022

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe, recently winning the award for
Europe’s Best City Break Destination at the World Travel Awards. It’s no surprise, then, that
so many people the world over are choosing it as their destination to Elope. But what is
Elopement? In this blog we’ll go over exactly what Elopement is, why you should consider it
over a traditional wedding, and why you should seriously consider Lisbon as your


Historically, Eloping meant a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion, and
typically involved “running away” from home with your partner to marry without parental
approval. In modern times, though, the meaning has changed drastically.
Nowadays, elopement typically means to have a simple, small, inexpensive wedding without
many guests or much fanfare. There is also typically not the added “secrecy” of not telling
one’s parents about the wedding.


More and more people are choosing to “elope” abroad. Rather than spend large sums on a
big wedding at home with dozens of guests, they instead take a very small group of their
closest friends and families abroad and have a small destination wedding.
It is becoming increasingly easy to plan and book such a wedding, with planning agents
popping up the world round to help couples plan and book their elopement wedding.
Even taking in the costs of traveling to a foreign destination to elope, this type of wedding is
still likely to come out markedly less expensive than a “traditional” wedding at home. Plus,
you get the benefit of being in a beautiful foreign destination.


As mentioned, Lisbon is literally an award-winningly amazing city. It’s blend of classic
European architecture, modern high-rise districts, and nearby coastal vistas mean there are
any number of choices for location to fit your perfect wedding.
You could choose any of the cities numerous and beautiful Palaces and their stunning
gardens; Sintra National Park with it’s amazing greenery and fauna; or venture a little
outside the city limits to sandy beaches like Praia de Comporta for that more classical
summer look of a beach wedding.
It’s also a surprisingly warm part of Europe, year round. While the Algarve typically gets all
the attention for its climate, you’re unlikely to freeze in Lisbon no matter what time of year
you visit.

Average temperatures are typically temperate year round. In winter months, expect 8-15
degrees centigrade, while summer typically sees lows of 17 and highs of 28. So, no matter
what time of year you look to plan your wedding in Lisbon you have high likelihood of warm,
dry weather.

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