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Destination wedding photography & videography. Based in Ireland

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destination Wedding Photographer

With a vintage soul... create an alternative art.

Wedding photography is a journey for me, constant learning about people and their emotions - a unique opportunity to document the beauty of human love.

The emotions, the tension and charming beauty of two people celebrating their love, enjoying time with their family and close friends – nothing can beat that.

Val Zukowski

I can‘t imagine morning without a cup of black coffee, evening without a good movie or old turntable songs. I love the night sky and tall trees, mountain passes and sea beaches... But on the other hand I love charming European cities such as Rome, Prague, Lisbon and Cracow - with lovely jazz clubs and posh places. There are so many things to do and experience - that's what it's all about - the savoring of life.

Val Zukowski

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Whether it’s a session, engagement, elopement, or wedding, those key moments are very important . When you see your images, I want you to be nostalgic and remember how that exact moment felt. My aim is to shoot your story in an emotional, creative and very natural way, to tell a story like it is, without a lot of intervention . 20 or 200 guests, high end or budget, a grate palace or a small hall, it doesn’t matter… what matters is your love.

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How do you want your story told?

I tell your story with my imagination... I can show the complexity of the moment through my creativity, be close to you in the most beautiful moments of your life. I can tell your story with my camera and what is wonderful for me ... I can observe your happiness.

Photography is the art of holding a single moment, for an eternity.

I'm Val, the person behind the lens

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I’d call it natural, mature elegance

With a note of contemporary art.

My style is not moody, nor is it light and airy.

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